Rooms & Amenities

High-quality Evergreen senior living offers the latest amenities, privacy, comfort, and beautifully decorated home-inspired environments for seniors. With all the charms of a small environment.

Assisted living residences provide more services than independent living communities. They offer a less-expensive, residential approach to delivering many of the same services available in skilled nursing homes, either by employing health-care staff or contracting with home health agencies and other outside professionals.

Personal Space

Evergreen Senior Living offers a variety of design styles, sizes, and type’s room - both private and semiprivate. Our residences are fully furnished, residents typically bring their own furnishings to personalize their room. Bathrooms are designed to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, whether the resident needs such assistance now or may in the future.

When visiting residences, look for the following attributes:
o Floor plan is easy to follow.
o Doorways, hallways, and rooms are accommodating to wheelchairs and walkers.
o Cupboards and shelves are easy to reach.
o Residence has good natural and artificial lighting.
o Residence is clean, free of odors, and appropriately heated/cooled.

Typical Assisted Living Services:

o Staff available to provide 24-hour assistance with activities, such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and walking as needed.
o Three meals a day and snacks between meals served in dining area, housekeeping, and laundry services. Menus vary from day to day and from meal to meal.
o Exercise and wellness programs.
o Assistance with Daily Activities
o Staff available to meet scheduled and unscheduled needs
o Scheduled transportation available to residents on fairly short notice


Entertainment, Activities, and Wellness

Evergreen Senior Living offers a variety of activities and entertainment to engage residents and enhance their quality of life - from book groups to out door gardening. Residents typically participate in activities outside the residence as well. Certainly, quality of life has different meanings for different people, so high-quality offers a variety of social programs to meet residents' interests. Activities staff will often assess each resident's activity and leisure needs and interests to help them identify programs of interest. You should expect a balanced calendar of activities for everyone from the active senior to the memory-care resident. Special classes are typically offered as well, such as yoga, chair exercises, dance and walking.

Safety and Security

Peace of mind drives many decisions to seek senior housing for yourself or a loved one. Having a secure building where you know you or your loved one is protected from wandering or emergencies is very important.

Evergreen Senior Living sevices include monitoring systems that prevent resident wandering.