Hospice Care in Evergreen Senior Living located in Woodland Hills > CA

When curative medical treatment is no longer an option, the focus shifts to supporting patient’s quality of life on a daily basis, provides responsive end-of-life care for patients of all ages and faiths, and assists families in caring for a loved one with reverence and dignity at the most vulnerable time in life’s journey.

Our patients, residents and those who use our services are our first responsibility.

We provide our services with love, skill, compassion and respect for all human dignity - regardless of creed or religious affiliation.

Upon admission to the home plan of care is developed by the interdisciplinary team to meet the specific needs of each patient-family unit. The professional staff is on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

    • Pain control and symptom management, as well as dietary guidance.
    • Spiritual and emotional support in accordance with the family's own religious network.
    • Family education regarding patient care, medications and what to expect.
    • Professional grief counseling and support.
    • Practical care such as bathing and assistance with daily activities.
    • Any additional services that may be required to serve by family request.